If you are a landowner, tending to your gardens or farms, additional equipment should definitely interest you. Take tillers for example; they come in different lengths, sizes and blade types, serving as ground mowers. The tiller attachments have a goal of speeding up daily routines and provide a precisely done job for its users.

In this review, we investigate the 3 pt tillers in terms of their functionality, features, specifications, safety and quality factors. We aim to provide you with necessary answers that would assist you when buying tillers for the first time.

Tillers: What are They

Metal tiller is a land modifying equipment designed to maw the ground with the help of a vehicle. They are attachable to numerous machines that are used on farms and gardens, such as tractors, harvesters, and small transportation vehicles.

The main goal of the equipment is to provide the speed of land mowing and its structured organization. The 3 point tillers can be set on front and back sides of the vehicles.

Specifications of the Attachment

As with every other attachable land equipment, the 3 pt tillers have their own set of specifications that you should know about. These are:

  • width: ranges widely from 2 to 15 feet
  • weight: ranges according to the width and types of blades, from 20kg to 1.500kg
  • blades: can be rotating, circular, straight, bent
  • the speed of PTO: ranges between 200 and 700 RPM
  • gearbox cap: ranges between 2 to 4 gallons
  • attachment orientation: from both front and back
  • oil type: either 80/90 wt. or 85/140 wt
  • applicable to: all farm vehicles, predominantly tractors

Measurements of Quality

When purchasing the equipment, make sure you ask for warranties and certification of production from the manufacturer. Licensed vendors are the ones that you should go for, as they provide true quality and duration guarantees.

You should also check the date of manufacturing and the route to the vendor’s store. This check would allow you to avoid purchasing equipment that passed several hands before it reached the final destination. You should also buy tillers from the well-known producers, with a history of production in order to secure spare parts that might be needed in the future.

How to Safely Use Tillers

You should strictly follow the producer’s manual when attaching and putting the tillers into the function. Do not approach the equipment when they are in working condition since blades are rotating fast and can cause serious harm.

When attaching and disembarking the equipment, make sure that both vehicles and the attached machine are out of function. We would strongly advise you not to repair the machine in case of default by yourself. Rather, you should employ specialized service providers for the tillers, as they are licensed professionals that know their job well.

Are there Spare Parts

The spare parts are supplied adequately, with a large number of licensed vendors available for you. We would recommend working only with companies that possess the license, as to guarantee the quality of spear parts purchased.

Where to Purchase: Online or in Physical Store

Online vendors can be quite risky to work with, as the tillers purchased cannot be seen until they reach your location. Physical stores, although slightly more expensive, would allow you to see the equipment for yourself.

Licensed vendors also provide guarantees that are legally bound, thus we would recommend purchasing from the physical store, rather from the internet.