If you have a tractor in your possession and a large land to take care of, blades that would help you upkeep the garden or maw a new ground are necessary. The 3 point tillers come in many shapes and sizes, bringing needed flexibility and speed while you manipulate the land you own.

This guide will educate you regarding the tiller’s features & specifications and about what you should look for when purchasing the machine parts. We also specify quality & safety procedures as to properly handle the equipment without endangering yourself.

What are Tractor Tillers

The 3 point tillers are tractor extensions used for land manipulation, providing necessary speed for the ground’s modification. These tillers come with different blade types, from rotating, to straight, angular and circular forms, depending on the land you wish to work with.

The product can be purchased physically in a retail store specialized in tractor and land machinery and equipment or in the online shopping center. The 3 point tillers for tractors can be set behind or up front the vehicle (tractor only), depending on the driver’s needs.

Product Specifications

The tillers have their own set of specifications that you should be aware of prior to the purchase, which are:

  • width: can range greatly, from 3 to 11 feet
  • is attachable to all types of tractors
  • weight: the overall weight can range from 50 kg to a tone
  • different blade types available
  • attachable from front and back of the vehicle
  • center gear is driven
  • gearbox cap: between 2 to 4 gallons
  • PTO speed: between 300 and 700 RPM
  • oil type: 80/90 wt. or 85/140 wt

Quality Guarantees

The quality of the tillers must be ensured prior to the purchase. The tillers are tools that should serve you for several years without any additional investments from your side. Thus, the guarantee warrants, as well as certifications of the manufacturer should be demanded.

In the case of equipment’s default, the seller should carry all responsibility and either return funds back or provide repairment services free of charge.

Safety Measures

Buyer should carefully follow manual instructions when attaching and using the equipment on the tractor. It is vital to always keep both vehicle and tiller off the function when the purchaser makes inspections. The blades should be inspected only when the tiller is not attached to the vehicle.

The weekly checkup is advisable while daily inspection would be needed if the workload is excessive on the daily basis. If any malfunctions have been identified, the buyer should immediately contact service center of the seller and ask for further instructions. The client should not attempt to fix the issue personally unless he or she is licensed tractor/tiller engineer.

Spear Parts

Spear parts are easy to find and come with low-value pricing portfolios. It is still important to purchase these parts of the tiller equipment from the licensed vendor to ensure quality.

Online vs. Physical Store Purchase

We would always recommend visiting a physical store over online retail chain as the equipment would be available for physical inspection. Although there are many legitimate online businesses out there, scams are unfortunately common, thus extreme caution is advised when shopping online for tillers.

In both cases, original certificates and licenses should be shown to you as guarantees of the tiller’s performance and shipment. Purchase 3 point tillers only from licensed vendors as to avoid unpleasant situations.