3 Point Tillers: About Us

About us


Our missing is to provide affordable and quality land tools to both professional and hobby farmers. We believe that more affordable tools will ultimately produce more affordable food and hence we take pride in bringing our products to USA.


Our tillers are currently working on John Deeres, Kubotas, Mahindras, and many other tractors across US & Canada. They are recognized for durability and the "no corner cutting" quality. The tillers are made by COSMO, Italy, however the actual production is done in India.


We get tillers directly from the manufacturer in full containers shipped to our NJ warehouse. From here they ship all across USA. We get the best price because we buy in large quantities and pass the discounts to our customers. We feel more confident stocking, selling ,and shipping products from our own inventory, without relying on anyone to fulfill our orders as is common with Internet retailers.


We offer a 1 year warranty on parts. No registration is required but please retain your proof of purchase. Warranty is provided only to the original buyer who has purchased the tiller directly from us.